Why Myopia is caused?

This causes light rays to focus at a point in front of the retina, rather than directly on its surface. Nearsightedness also can be caused by the cornea and/or lens being too curved for the length of the eyeball. In some cases, myopia is due to a combination of these factors.

Herein, what are the causes of long and short sighted?

Shortsightedness is a refractive eye condition. Refractive eye conditions are caused when problems with the structure of the eye affects how light rays enter your eye. Most people are born slightly longsighted (where close objects appear blurred) because their eyes haven't grown to their full length.

What is short sightedness and how can it be corrected?

Eyesight problems, such as myopia, are also known as refractive errors. Short sight leads to blurred distance vision, whilst close vision is usually normal. Shortsightedness is a very common problem that can be corrected by glasses or contact lenses, or cured with laser eye surgery.

Why did I become nearsighted?

In the nearsighted eye light focuses in front of the retina, making distant objects appear blurry. In the normal eye the cornea allows light to focus on the retina allowing you to see items in the distance clearly. Progressive myopia or nearsightedness is predominantly caused by genetics.
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