When was the Paleolithic era?

2.6 million years ago

In this way, what was the Paleolithic time period?

The cultural period of the Stone Age that began about 2.5 to 2 million years ago, marked by the earliest use of tools made of chipped stone. The Paleolithic Period ended at different times in different parts of the world, generally around 10,000 years ago in Europe and the Middle East. Also called Old Stone Age.

When did the prehistoric period start and end?

For example, in Egypt it is generally accepted that prehistory ended around 3200 BC, whereas in New Guinea the end of the prehistoric era is set much more recently, at around 1900 AD.

When was the Paleolithic era BC?

The earliest period of human development, lasting until approx 8000 BC. In Western archeology the Paleolithic Period (or Old Stone Age) is divided into two epochs: the Lower Paleolithic (to 40,000 BC) and the Upper Paleolithic (40,000–8000 BC).
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