How do you switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding?

Try these tips for a smooth transition:
  1. Offer him a bottle in the evening after his regular feeding to get him used to the nipple. Start with a small amount of breast milk – about half an ounce.
  2. Try a slow-flow nipple.
  3. Let someone else feed him the first bottle.
  4. Try to be out of the house.

Can I give my baby formula and breastmilk?

It's perfectly possible to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding using formula milk or expressed breastmilk. If you can, wait until your baby's at least eight weeks old. Combining breast and bottle sooner than this may affect your milk supply.

Can you mix formula with breast milk?

If your baby repeatedly seems hungry after you breastfeed him, you may have a low milk supply. If you need to supplement your infant's diet with pumped breast milk and formula, they may be mixed together safely in the same bottle.
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